Silicone altimex

전 세계 기업에 서비스를 제공할 수 있는 완전한 개발 및 생산 능력을 갖춘 Silicone Altimex는 높은 수준의 품질과 프로세스 반복성을 필요로 하는 의료 부품과 제약 제품에 집중한다.

Altimed® Silicone 튜빙

실리콘 튜빙은 전 세계 의료 및 바이오 제약 산업에서 광범위하게 사용된다. 고부가가치 의약품의 이전부터 혈액 순환 유지까지, 이들 업종의 Silicone Altimex 고객들은 우수한 성능을 위해 Altimed® Silicone Tubing 제품에 의존한다.

Products :

Ultra-pure platinum addition silicone

Platinum pump tubing for high performance pump life

One-part platinum materials for improved processing repeatability

Tight tolerance pump tubing

High performance cardiopulmonary tubing

Bio-compatible materials meeting USP Class VI, European Pharmacopeia and ISO 10993 standards

Fully traceable product including batch printing directly onto the product where required


Six ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom facilities

Routine viable and nonviable monitoring of cleanrooms ensure optimum manufacturing environment

Laser loop control systems – continuously monitor dimensions and adjust machinery to maintain optimum tolerances            

Complete traceability from raw materials to final packaged product

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with non-contact laser controlled extrusion and inspection release

Dedicated platinum extrusion cleanroom ensures no contamination from peroxide by-products    

High tolerance capability using continuous feedback loop control extrusion process

Extensive in-house materials testing and development capabilities

With state-of-the-art facilities, engineering expertise and years of proven experience, Silicone Altimex stands ready to serve as your trusted partner for Single Use Bio-Pharmaceutical Assemblies.

Sterile filling

Vaccine production

Single-use systems

Bioreactor processes


Food and beverage

Peristaltic pump transfer

Pharmaceutical sampling and delivery systems

Cell media, harvesting and fermentation

Pharmaceutical production and processing

High purity water transfer