High purity

Shree Biocare, 2004년 창립.
우리는 발효 및 생물 반응기 장비 및 플랜트의 설계, 제조, 연구, 교육, 문제 해결에 종사하고 있습니다. SB는 고객 만족에 중점을 두며 SB는 고객 중심의 접근 방식을 채택하고 전 세계 고객에게 서비스를 제공합니다.
SB는 고객의 요구 사항을 완벽하게 이해하고 발효조 / 생체 반응 플랜트와 같은 다양한 용도의 맞춤형 서비스를 제공함으로써 고객을 만족시키고 친밀한 관계를 구축할 수 있도록 돕습니다.

Mouvex®, a member of PSG®, was founded in 1906, and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

Almatec Maschinenbau GmbH is a premium manufacturer of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps and a company which has successfully combined a worldwide presence with proximity to the end-user. Permanent product innovations and improvements have resulted in a large range of products and the opening up of new markets. Our extensive product range offers sophisticated and economical solutions for all of your applications.

Quattroflow™ Fluid Systems, part of Pump Solutions Group (PSG®), is a leading manufacturer of quaternary diaphragm displacement pumps for multiple-and single-use applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. When pharmaceutical companies need low shear, low slip and low pulsation to pump biological organisms in aqueous suspension through specialized filtration equipment, they turn to Quattroflow. Quattroflow is a brand of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA.

Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch® single-use systems for critical applications across the Pharmaceutical, Bioprocessing, Biologicals, Laboratory, Microelectronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial, and Chemical industries.

VenAir is an Engineering Company, since 1986, specializing in the design and manufacturing of hoses and special pieces in silicone.

HPNE is a supplier of high purity products to the BioPharma, pharmaceutical, micro electronics and food industries for over 12 years with over 40 years of experience.